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Height: 5"8   |   Weight: 140   |   Eye Color: Dark Brown   |   Hair Color: Black


The Life of the Party   |   Burrs   |   Starring

Found   |   Jay   |   Supporting

Calamity   |   Blake/Mr. B   |   Supporting

Morning   |   Michael   |   Supporting

Big Licks   |   Joey   |   Supporting

Are You Ready?   |   Bale   |   Co-Star

Too Proud to Die   |   The Boss   |   Supporting

​The Red Blouse   |   Troy   |   Co-Star

Rockk Island   |   Capt. Regan   |   Supporting​

New Media

           The Bum Skit   |   Bum  |   Starring

Off Broadway

           Jade's Secret   |   Det. Alonzo   |   Joria MainStage 


​A Night to Be Scene   |   Various Comedic Roles   |   The Triad Theatre


Actor:   Anger David (TVI)

Scene Study:  Michael Beckett (HB Studios)

On Camera:  Erica Palgon (TVI)

Improvisation:  Sarah Nowak (The PIT)

Film/TV:  Melissa Moss (Actors Connection)

Film/TV:  Judy Henderson (Actors Connection)

Horror Film:  Pamela Kramer (Actors Connection)

Sense Memory:  Sam Schacht (Stella Adler)

Speech & Voice Improvement:  Brittany Leaks (Accents Off)

Advanced Scene Study:  Alice Spivak


Special Skills

Driver’s license, Car: Platinum 2015 Infiniti Q50, Passport, Rapper/MC, Songwriting, Poetry, Sports (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Handball, Skiing, Swimming) 

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